28. December 2017

The Joma player receives this award for the third time.


Ali Asghar Hassanzadeh has been named for the third time the best Asian soccer player by the Asian Football Confederation, AFC.

In Joma we had the opportunity to interview the player and this is what he has told us:

1.What do you think are the main factors which make you still perform at the highest level?

I believe there are 3 important factors that a player can perform at the highest level in longer period (more years). Physical, psychological and personality factors. Physically, I tried to keep my body in high level high ressure exercises. Psychologically, it is always I am playing to win and more important I enjoy playing futsal. And this way of thinking is helping me to be always thirsty to be a winner and not be tired of high pressure exercises, despite I have a lot of individual and team titles and championships. As personality factors, out of the playing field and in my personal life I tried to live healthy and without outskirts, and this way of healthy living helped me to focus on my futsal career.

2.What makes this MVP award different from the previous ones? Is it more special? On what sense? 

It is true that this is for third time I am awarded this title, but each time it was enjoyable for me and there was no particular difference. The only interesting thing this year is that I could make a Hat trick.

3.In your opinion, what is your greatest contribution to your current club and to National team? Do you have a different role in each one of them?

I have always tried to play somehow to help my team and do my most efforts to make my team win. There is no different role in my club and national team, in both I am trying as the caption to help other players to perform their highest level and also to transfer my experiences to younger players.

4. If you were given the opportunity to play in a futsal  dream team, Which players would you pick?

The players I will choose are as follows: Gustavo (Russia), Kike (Spain), Eder Vinicius (Brazil) and Falcao (Brazil).