28. December 2017

The fashion parade was attended by more than 100 people among whom were sportspersons and friends of the brand.

new sportswear collection

Joma presented on Thursday its new 2018 sportswear collection. A collection designed to reach the forefront of the sports industry, in which Joma is a national leader and has positioned itself among the top 10 at an international level.

All the professionals involved in this process have given the best of themselves, employing the most advanced techniques, fabrics, and materials in the service of manufacturing the garments presented, with the aim of  making them genuinely competitive.

For 2018 Joma has taken it one step further. Joma has been dressing all kinds of sportspersons, athletes, clubs or teams from around the world for more than 50 years, and each year its goal is to provide something new. In  2018 this challenge is met by the new sports fashion collection with which the company from Toledo aims to become a benchmark not only for team clothing, where it has long positioned itself as one of the most important brands worldwide, but also for informal/casual wear.

The new Joma collection was presented at a parade attended by more than 100 people among which former football players Alfonso Pérez, José Emilio Amavisca, Iván Pérez and Francisco Pavón, padel tennis players Franco Stupaczuk or former tennis player Pato Clavet, must be highlighted. Also present were representatives of sports institutions such as Raúl Chapado, Chairman of the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation, or Javier Llorente and Luis Amado of Inter Movistar.

The 2018 collection is divided into two parts:

1. Collection Performance:
This line relates to team clothing, one of the brand’s greatest successes. Sportswear for football, futsal, handball, rugby, basketball, volleyball, running, tennis and padel tennis clubs for both men and women. And also thermal garments, such as, for example, the Brama line. The clothing belonging to the teamwear line has two fundamental features: comfort and breathability, assisting the sportsperson to give their best performance, thus becoming a touchstone for official kits for all clubs from amateur to professional.

2. Fashion sportswear
Developed for individual sports and as street wear. Sport has revolutionised our lifestyles and sports clothing is no longer confined to forming part of our sport wardrobe, but has also influenced everyday wear. Therefore, this year, the company’s major challenge is aimed at casual wear. Fashion sportswear designed for different sports characterised for its innovative design, light and natural fabrics, as well as the application of the latest technologies. 

A collection aimed at helping Joma remain at the top of Spanish sport and to become a world leader in sports clothing and shoes.