28. December 2017

The leading sports brand in Spain will dress the Spanish men’s and women’s handball sides as well as other national teams from 2018 onwards.


An agreement between the Royal Spanish Handball Federation (RFEBM) and Joma was signed on Monday morning, based on which the leading national sports brand will kit out, from 2018 onwards, the national men’s and women’s handball sides, as well as other national teams.

The Act took place at Joma’s headquarters, located in the Toledan town of Portillo de Toledo, in attendance were the chairman of the Royal Spanish Handball Federation, Francisco V. Blázquez as well as Joma’s general director, Alberto López.

The leading Spanish sports equipment brand thus becomes the official technical sponsor of one of the most important sports federations not only in Spain, but at an international level, where the Spanish Handball Federation has an extensive and successful presence. Joma will be the official supplier of all the equipment for playing and training and will provide kits for both the first men’s and women’s teams, known respectively as the Hispanics and the Warriors, as well as all the categories comprising Spanish handball.

A major sponsorship agreement that will provide the Spanish institution with exclusive designs and a wide range of merchandise. 

Francisco V. Blázquez, Chairman of the RFEBM, said "for the Spanish Handball Federation this is a great leap forward both in terms of quality and quantity. We were looking for a change of image with a world famous. In fact, he highlighted that "the support provided by Joma to products and sportspersons and federations is both praiseworthy and appreciated.

On the other hand, Blázquez expressed thanks for "the support provided by Joma to products and sportspersons and federations", also remarking that "the interest of the Royal Spanish Handball Federation to promote Joma as the brand to kit out our Warriors and our Hispanics arises from its commitment towards the Spanish Olympic Committee".

Moreover, Alberto López, Joma’s general director, asserted that "for our brand accessing the world of handball at the hands of the Spanish Handball Federation is a source of pride and the best way of introducing  ourselves into a powerful sector with a significant market presence".

López pointed out that one of the key aspects "is the international presence of the Spanish Federation, one of the most important in the world, and, as a sports brand, one of our main interests".